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Green Roof & Wallsystem capillary mattings

Capillary mattings of Henofa are also used in systems for green Roofs and Walls.

The capillary mattings have a large water storage capacity and are used to protect the roof covering.
In addition, it function as a water storage for the vegetation blanket.

The capillary mattings can also function as an alternative to the growing medium on the roof garden substrate (depending on the climate).
Can be used on roof pitches up to 45 degrees (depending on the system structure).

You will find datasheets and extensive information on the product pages of the above capillary mattings.
If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are interested in one or more capillary mattings, please contact us.
On request we can provide you with samples that we send by post.

Would you like to do a test with one or more capillary mattings?
Please contact us so that our product specialist can talk with you and provide you with an appropriate advice.

Green Roof
Green Roof Capillary Matting
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