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Heno Capillary Wick

  • Weight: 100 gr/m²
  • Water capacity: 1,0 – 1,5 liter/m2
  • Color: White


Heno Capillary Wick ensures a fast and continuous supply of water

Heno Capillary wick is made from 100% new, high-quality synthetic fibers. The wicks have an excellent capillary effect.

The function of the wick is to provide a continuous and rapid supply of water, to supplement or replace traditional watering. The wicks are easy to place through the drainage holes in the pot.

The wicks are very suitable for professional use as a sub-irrigation method. We supply capillary wicks for various pot producers, which are part of an automatic watering system for plants.

For home and hobby use, the capillary wick is a simple and inexpensive solution to keep plants supplied with water. For example, when you are on vacation or away from home for a longer period of time.

Datasheet Capillary Wick| Download PDF

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