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Heno Mulch Treedisc SG300

Heno Mulch Treedisc for potted plants to prevent weeds and liver spills

  • Material: 100% recycled, synthetic fibers (not biodegradable)
  • Weight: 300 gr/m²


Mulch treedisc for potted plants to prevent weeds and liver spills.

Heno Mulch Treediscs are used by growers to prevent the growth of weeds in pots. Henofa produces and supplies various types of Mulch Treediscs. All Mulch Treediscs are free of chemical and / or harmful substances and are not subject to quality differences.

The Heno mulch Treedisc S300 is not biodegradable, but it does have a long economic life. Provided with groundcover on one side and made of 100% recycled synthetic fibers.

  • Protects the plant against frost and low temperatures
  • Protects the root ball against drying out, because evaporation is inhibited
  • Stimulates healthy and stable root growth
  • No need to use expensive chemical pesticides
  • Direct sales of plants, no need to remove weeds from pots first

Datasheet Heno Mulch Treedisc SG300 | Download PDF

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