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Heno Symbol Foil

  • Perforation: Small perforation
  • Thickness: 40 µm


Cover material for capillary mattings on tables.

Heno Symbol Foil is a micro perforated foil with symbols. The foil can be used in combination with capillary mattings.

The Klavermat 125, 200, 300 and BWM 200, 300 and 400 capillary mattings can be equipped with the Symbol foil during production. This leads to savings in construction costs.

The Heno Symbol Foil has the following advantages:

  • Prevents unnecessary evaporation
  • Increases the life time of the capillary matting
  • Easy moving of the pots
  • Prevents algae growth
The symbols have the following distances:

  • Dots:         124 mm        74,7 pots per m²
  • Circles:      142 mm        57,7 pots per m²
  • Triangles:  166 mm        42,9 pots per m²
  • Squares:    199 mm        30,2 pots per m²

Datasheet Heno Symbol Foil| Download PDF

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