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Heno Wooden Ground Anchors

  • Prevents groundcovers and nets from blowing up or shifting.
  • 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Made from strong and robust oak wood.
  • Causes minimal to no damage to lawn mowers, compared to metal ground anchors.


The Heno Wooden Ground Anchors are perfect for securing geotextiles and biodegradable groundcovers. These anchors are made from high-quality oak wood, which is entirely biodegradable, leaving no harmful impact on the environment. They provide an excellent combination with biodegradable geotextile and offer an environmentally friendly alternative to steel or plastic mulch matt pegs.

The crossbar ensures that the groundcovers remain securely anchored in the ground. Additionally, the wooden anchors end is pointed to facilitate easy insertion into the ground.

The Heno Wooden Ground Anchors are available in two different lengths: 30 cm or 50 cm.

Heno Houten Grondankers | Download PDF

Additional information


30 cm, 50 cm


6.5 cm


2 cm


1 cm


Oak wood

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