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Klavermat 300 + WF capillary matting

Capillary matting for tables, floors and cultivation gutters

  • Weight: 300 gr/m²
  • Anti algae foil: White – 30 µm
  • Water capacity: 3,0 – 3,5 liter/m²
  • Capillary function: ++

* Non standard dimensions available on request


Capillary matting for tables, floors and cultivation gutters

Klavermat 300 + WF capillary matting is a quality product that is produced from 100% new, high-quality synthetic fibers. Equipped with a white foil, with a thickness of 30 µm.

Every fiber has exactly the same properties. In combination with the unique 3-dimensional structure of the mat. This results in a very good capillary effect. A wide range of crops can be grown on the Klavermat.

The big difference with black anti-algae foil is that the color white reflects the light. White anti-algae foil is therefore frequently used in Northern Europe.

The Klavermat 300 + WF capillary matting is distinguished by its robustness, chemical resistance, constant operation and long service life. With the Klavermat it is possible to grow crops in a reproducible way and quickly switch between different crops.

Henofa has punching and cutting machines to provide customization, for sales tables, cultivation gutters, container fields and deviating lengths. For more information, please contact us via the contact form.

  • Preventing algae growth in the capillary matting
  • Prevention of unnecessary evaporation of water
  • Extending the life of the capillary matting
  • Provide protection against mechanical influences, such as sweeping or walking
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