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Heno Geo Grow

100% natural sheep’s wool viscose fleece with integrated seeds and fertiliser.

  • A simple and sustainable alternative to grass sod.
  • Ideal for landscaping and gardening.



Heno Geo Grow

Available in four grass mixtures:

  1. Fleece grass for play and sports lawns, for a tough and low maintenance lawn.
  2. Shadow-tolerant grass for areas with limited sunlight, with deep roots and drought tolerance.
  3. A drought tolerant grass for sunny areas, developed with water saving properties.
  4. Landscape grass with strong turf, fast germination and suitable for areas at risk of erosion and on lightly sloping ground.

How to use:

  • Smoothing the surface.
  • Roll out Heno Geo Grow loosely on the surface without stretching it.
  • Lay the rolls with an overlap of about 5 cm.
  • Secure with 4-6 Wooden Anchors per square metre.
  • Seeds and fertiliser are already integrated into the fleece.
  • Ideal for lawn repair and removal of bare spots.
  • Fast and even growth.
  • 100% biodegradable.
  • Long lasting fertilisation.
  • Absorbs and regulates moisture.
  • Protects seeds from bird damage, washing and blowing away.

Datasheet Heno Geo Grow | Download PDF

Additional information


Viscose, Sheep wool

Integrated seed mix

Fast germinating grass mix

Grass mixtures

1. Fleece grass, 2. Shadow-tolerant grass, 3. Drought tolerant grass, 4. Landscape grass


1,2 m


20 m

Order quantity

1 pallet (50 rolls)

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