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Manufacturer of capillary mattings

Henofa is manufacturer of capillary mattings

Capillary mattings distributes and buffers the water evenly over pot plants. A perfect operation of the capillary matting is essential for an even growth of the crop and root development. In addition to the standards widths and lengths, there are the necessary machines to deliver custom made capillary mattings.

The advantages when using capillary mattings:

  • Water supply from underneath, leading to a good development of plant roots in pots
  • Investments in expensive and complicated pipe systems are unnecessary
  • Flexibility, several types of pot plants can grow on a particular type of matting
  • Good accessibility, leading to smooth and efficient culture changes
  • Less vaporization of water
  • Low investment costs
  • Low system maintenance costs

Two factors play an important role in the decision making process for capillary mattings:

Water capacity: is related to the buffer function of a capillary matting and is the amount of water it is capable of holding.

Capillary action: The term capillary action refers to the degree in which the capillary matting distributes water evenly over the entire surface.

Why choose for a capillary matting from Henofa?

Henofa is manufacturer of capillary mattings and offers a complete product range of capillary mattings in different price and quality categories. We can supply a suitable matting for every type of cultivation. Thereby, we are able to cut and punch capillary mattings in custom made dimensions, such as for benches, danish trolleys and cultivation floors / tables.

The table listed below provides an overview of the three different types of capillary mattings from Henofa, based upon capillary action and water capacity.

Capillary Mattings
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