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Cover materials

Cover materials are anti-algae foils and groundcovers, that are being placed on top of the capillary matting as a cover layer, to protect the watering system below. Many growers underestimate the important role of cover materials in the watering system.

Functions of covering materials:

  • Prevention of root growth within the capillary matting
  • Prevention of algae growth in the capillary matting
  • Extends the economic life duration of the capillary matting
  • Protects the matting against mechanical influences, such as walking, sweeping etc.
  • Prevention of unnecessary evaporation

When purchasing cover materials and capillary mattings from Henofa, you are assured of a high-quality, reliable, efficient and complete water delivery system!

All cover materials are available separately, or in combination with a capillary matting.

The capillary matting types Klavermat (125, 200, 300) and BWM (200, 300, 400) can be equipped with anti-algae foil and/or ground cover. The foils are wrapped loose on the roll, groundcover is being needled on the matting as a 2-layer product. This leads to considerable savings in time and construction costs. The foils are being replaced when heavily soiled, which extends the life duration of the matting.

Anti-algae foil is available in the colours white and black. The symbol foil consists of different symbols, which are placed fixed distances from each other. This enables the grower to spread pot plants during cultivation (more) accurately.

In contrast to anti-algae foil, groundcover is needled directly onto the capillary matting, resulting in a strong and robust product. It can be intensively cleaned by sweeping or spraying, while still ensuring a perfect transition between fibers and covering material. Therefore, this combination is often applied to selling tables.

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