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HydroWalk + Filling System

  • Composed of highly wear-resistant materials
  • Strong and robust
  • The filling system ensures an even distribution of the disinfectant


HydroWalk Disinfection mat for vehicles and people to prevent contamination by fungi and bacteria.

Disinfection is an important issue in the Horticultural and Agricultural sector. A common problem is that bacteria and moulds are being transported into sterile areas by footwear.

In order to solve this problem, Henofa BV has developed a special disinfection product range.

These disinfection mattings from Henofa are multifunctional and can be placed for entrances of greenhouses, stables, nurseries, Laboratories and barns.

The HydroWalk Disinfection Matting + Filling System is composed of highly wear-resistant materials. The outside consists of PVC fabric, which together with a PE mesh ensures a strong whole. The material inside the HydroWalk disinfection matting is a synthetic material, which can retain liquids very quickly and in reasonable quantities.

The HydroWalk Disinfection Matting + Filling System is strong and robust. This makes it possible to cycle, walk and even drive a motorized vehicle on the mat.

This model is equipped with an innovative filling system, which ensures an even distribution of the disinfectant over the mat. The filling system is so robust that vehicles can be driven over the mat.

Refilling is very simple, by linking the filling system to an automatic dosing pump. This way, the disinfectant is handled effectively and you do not have to worry about refilling the mat. Optimal operation is guaranteed

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