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Heno Anti Algae Foil

  • Perforation: Small perforation
  • Thickness: 30 µm
  • Color: White or black foil


Cover material for capillary mattings on tables.

Heno Anti algae foil is provided with fine (flame) perforation to prevent algae growth and contamination in the capillary matting. The importance of these covering materials is underestimated by many growers!

With flame perforated foils, the perforation is applied by means of heated needles. This makes the foil stronger and less likely to tear.

By also choosing the covering materials from Henofa BV during the cultivation, you are assured of a reliable, efficient, qualitative and complete watering system!

Functions of the anti algae foil;

  • Preventing root growth in the capillary matting
  • Preventing algae growth in the capillary matting
  • Prevention of unnecessary evaporation of water
  • Extending the life of the capillary matting
  • Provide protection against mechanical influences, such as sweeping or walking

Datasheet Heno Anti Algae Foil | Download PDF

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