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Heno Geo KJ800

  • Material: 70% jute and 30% coir (biodegradable)
  • Weight: 800 gr/m²


Biodegradable Geotextile

Biodegradable geo-textiles are used to protect embankments, slopes and other surfaces against erosion from wind and (rain) water. It is often used in new planting.

The planting can easily be planted after laying the geotextile in the subsoil by cutting a cross in the geotextile. It is also possible to sow (grass) seeds directly into the geotextile.

The vegetation eventually takes over the function of the geotextile. The Geo KJ800 is made of 70% jute and 30% coir.

  • Prevents erosion and leaching
  • Protect the plant against frost and low temperatures
  • Protects against dehydration because evaporation is inhibited
  • Prevents the explosive growth of weeds in the start-up phase

Datasheet Heno Geo KJ800 | Download PDF

Additional information


200 cm – (78,74 inch)


50 m


coir / jute (partly biodegradable)

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